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Welcome To Eminentlabs™ CRM, APM, TQM, ERM and EPTS Solution


  • eTracker™ is a complete CRM, APM, TQM, ERM and Enterprise Performance Tracking System
  • eTracker™ brings in visibility in the system aiding in quick decision making
  • eTracker™ allows employees to track, manage and follow the defined processes to continuously improve productivity and reduce company-operating costs
  • eTracker™ provides an effective communication link to be forged between people working in different departments across geographical locations


  • Information to help ensure the quality, security, and performance of your Distributed Software Development
  • Information about software maintenance, functional enhancements and updates, and technical support
  • Information that helps you realize the full value of your Enterprise and optimize the performance of your resources
  • Improves productivity and deliver a better customer experience
  • Easy integration with any of your existing website or portals

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